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Learn More about the Zero Day Protection Framework

Most businesses worry about zero-day threats and are focused on POS security, but they still may be at risk. At Comodo, we believe that a more comprehensive and deeper approach is needed for cyber safety and work hard to provide that to our customers. A hacker’s most powerful tool isn’t the malware or virus they create and launch, it is the deception they have. They can follow up and find out as much as they can about security solutions and have come up with ways of concealing their malware so that it looks just like real file types. This is meant to exploit weaknesses, and once it occurs, it can adapt, morph and move around undetected, mining data that it wants to find.

The Framework

Because there is no silver bullet for zero day protection options, you have to create a defense that’s founded on an extensible and cohesive framework, which should incorporate:

  • Current security functions
  • Emerging technology
  • Customized mechanism for learning
  • Create actionable intelligence

A zero day protection framework should incorporate preventative techniques, detection and mitigation. In other words, you must be able to act on threats to the right information, identify unknown threats and respond to all potential problems.

It is a relatively simple framework meant to cover traditional and advanced tools, security features and more. Our product offers this ability to you, making it easier to find these threats and protect against them.

Known threats have to be blocked immediately, and our product assumes you’re already infected and goes on the offense removing these threats. Zero day protection is harder because the risk isn’t known by vendors or security companies, so nothing is being done to fix the vulnerability. Our product can also examine network traffic, content, users and more to examine behaviors and identify unknown attacks. Contact us today for more information.