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Zero Day Malware Protection Not as Easy as You Think

Zero day malware is released into the wild before a security vendor can find a solution or issue that solution to protect against them. Malicious programs attack you by targeting the vulnerabilities in the applications, software and on the operating system. When a weakness is identified in commercial software, a patch is written to secure it against these attacks. The patches take time to create, so POS security can be compromised before it can be fixed. At Comodo, we believe in being honest, so we want you to understand that if patches are available, and you don’t take the time to deploy them, you are unnecessarily at risk for many viruses and spyware problems.

Stopping the Threat

Zero day malware protection doesn’t have to be difficult or impossible. While you can use our product to help in many ways, there are many other things you can do, including:

  • Firewall Use
  • Essential Apps
  • Update/Implement Patches regularly
  • Good HIPS

A firewall is crucial to protect your system against zero day malware and other threats. You should configure the firewall to allow necessary transactions. You should also consider whitelisting essential apps. If you don’t use it or don’t want employees to use it, it shouldn’t go on the list. All that software means more vulnerabilities, so reduce the risk and use fewer applications and programs.

As mentioned before, patching is a necessity. If you don’t already have policies in place and keep up on patches, you could be more at risk for other threats. If you do use patches consistently, you can strengthen resistance to malware of all sorts.

Lastly, you should consider a Host Intrusion Protection System (HIPS). All antivirus options have some variety, but it’s not the same. Ours offers a more sophisticated HIPS version. Contact us today to learn more.