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Zero Day Attack Protection—Not as Easy as You Think

Every business these days are worried about POS security, especially since all the data breaches have occurred with Target and other well-known companies. At Comodo, we believe it is a shame that there are those that wish to exploit credit card information and use it for ill-gotten gain. However, because it is rampant and not likely to go away anytime soon, we have created various products that will help any business thwart these attacks and stay safe.

What Is a Zero Day Attack?

Zero-day exploits are any vulnerability that hasn’t been noticed or fixed by vendors and that are used immediately by hackers and cyber criminals. This attack is rapid and takes place before anyone fully understands that there is a vulnerability in the software or program, so no one has created a patch or hotfix for it.

These exploits are considered the Holy Grail for hackers since it allows them to take advantage of:

  • The company
  • The customers of the company
  • The Vendor
  • Financial Institutions

A zero day attack is often discovered by a hacker who finds the vulnerability in a protocol or product. Once someone recognizes the weakness, they tell as many as possible and all work to exploit it as much as they can.

Growing Threat

Even though there haven’t been a lot of significant exploits like this, the threat continues to grow because hackers are getting better at discovering and exploiting them quickly. They are also designed to work faster and infect more systems than ever before. Therefore, zero day attack protection is not only necessary but difficult to find. Our product is one of the only versions on the market that is sure to protect you against the exploits. Contact us today to learn more.