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A Zero Day Attack Detection: Needle in a Haystack

Companies everywhere should be asking what to look for in a solution for advanced threats, such as malware and a zero day attack. While you should focus on the provider of that solution, you should primarily know what solution works best and how to find it. POS security is essential and can be tough to do since there are so many advanced attack options from cyber criminals. At Comodo, we want to make it simpler and offer products that can help you, but we also believe that information is key.

Needle in the Haystack

The perfect zero day attack definition would be a needle in a haystack because it can be nearly impossible to detect or block these incidents, especially when you only use traditional antivirus or antimalware software.

Zero-day attacks are those that vendors haven’t prevented. When software is exploited traditionally, there is a patch available for a particular problem. They have created virus signatures so the antivirus program can effectively stop them from doing harm or stealing information. A zero day attack is different because the developer doesn’t know there is a problem or just then learned of the problem. They haven’t created a hotfix or patch yet, so it can’t be deployed over network systems. Hackers will use that to create malware and start stealing information.

Smart Options

To combat these attackers, your solution has to be smarter. There are three key issues to consider, including:

  • Timeliness
  • Scale
  • Accuracy

Therefore, the solution you choose must ensure accuracy by using a multi-flow analysis. Otherwise, it won’t be able to scale to identify the proper flows and analyze the objects within the flows. It also must work in real time and be quick in its detection because otherwise, you could be at risk. If you’d like to learn more, please contact us today.