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What Is a Zero Day Vulnerability and How to Reduce Your Chances of Falling Prey?

POS security is a necessity for all businesses. Whether you are in the retail business or part of the healthcare field, if you use a Point-of-Sale system, your information could be at risk, and you could put your customers at risk for having their information stolen. At Comodo, we don’t believe this is fair for anyone and have decided it is best to tell everyone what these vulnerabilities are and how to prevent them.

What Is a Zero Day Vulnerability?

This type of vulnerability refers to, for want of a better word, a hole in the software that isn’t known to the vendor. Most vendors understand that their software will have problems, whether with the code or for some other reason. As they continue testing and moving into better kinds, they will bring forth patches that can fix the problem. However, with a zero day vulnerability, the vendor doesn’t know there’s a problem yet, and the hackers exploit the hole, using it to steal information and gain access to the system.

Once the vendor realizes the problem, they work quickly to find a fix, which protects users once again.

Reduce Your Chances of Falling Prey

A zero day vulnerability is not something that should be taken lightly. We understand your frustrations and worries, and have come up with a few solutions that can reduce your chances of being victimized by these vulnerabilities, including:

  • Use a virtual LAN to protect data transmissions
  • Deploy a firewall with stateful inspections
  • Use network access control to prevent rogues from getting access
  • Lock down your wireless access points
  • Use a wireless security scheme

If all else fails, or if you don’t feel it is adequate, contact us today to learn more about our product and how to download it for yourself.