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Learn More about Transaction Security Fidelity

Fidelity Investments is a provider of investment management options and allows you to get help with portfolios, brokerages, retirement planning and more. At Comodo, we believe that this company runs well and offers extra security for their customers, just like we do. For example, we focus on POS security, as well as that for computers and ATMs, but we believe their system works well.

What It Does

Transaction security Fidelity is just another layer of safety for their customers who use high-risk transactions, such as wire transfers and EFTs. With the company, you can move money between accounts, such as from a Fidelity account to your business bank account. Their security features require a cell phone to be used, which verifies your identity before you can move money.

This option can:

  • Reduce fraud
  • Reduce exposure of sensitive information to hackers
  • Improve customer confidence in your company

What It Includes

Transaction security includes the transmission of information necessary to verify your identity through your cell phone. If you cannot prove your identity, then your transactions could be limited or stopped altogether until such a time as your identity can be determined.

We believe that this is an excellent option to help you stay more secure when sending or receiving large sums of money. However, we also feel that other options may be necessary.

For example, most companies choose to use a secure network and ensure that all devices are on the network and secured before allowing their data to be used on those devices.

You may also find an antivirus software can benefit you, as well. However, transaction security may need something more. Our products are designed specifically for POS systems and ATMs, so it may do a better job of securing your machines. Contact us today to learn more.