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Learn About the New POS Vulnerability Problems and Other Retail Risks

Malware and data-stealing threats are nothing new. Ever since the POS system was created and used widely, there have been threats. However, POS security hasn’t had as many technology advancements as thieves, so now there is more of a POS vulnerability in retail shops and other areas. Whether you own a small or large company, you could be affected by this new malware and vulnerabilities that target Point-of-Sale devices. At Comodo, we believe it is necessary to understand these vulnerabilities and threats and learn what to do about them.

What It Does

Most people wonder just why malware can be so destructive, seeing as these threats can be less sophisticated than banking Trojans, but it is because:

  • It can directly affect your customers
  • It is publicized immediately after discovery, usually by someone outside the organization
  • The collateral damage includes card associations, issuers, banks, customers and the company’s providers, such as insurance companies

For example, the Target breach is still causing trouble for the brand. It hurt the brand’s reputation, there is an ongoing legal mess, and it has cost a lot of money in soft and hard costs.

The primary target for this type of POS vulnerability is the credit card data that is stored in the POS system. Once cybercriminals get hold of that information, they can create fraudulent virtual credit cards and go on a spending spree. They can also use the credit card numbers in other ways, by selling it to other thieves or by purchasing items online where the actual card is not necessary.

Ease of Use

A POS vulnerability is much easier to exploit than you think. Because most Point-of-Sale systems aren’t protected enough, even with antimalware and antivirus protection, it is easier for cybercriminals to insert the malware and steal information. Contact us today if you’d like more information on how to prevent these exploits.