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Consider POS Virus Protection from Comodo

A POS virus is different than traditional viruses because it is tailored to the point-of-sale system and traditional antivirus solutions can’t help much. At Comodo, we believe that POS security is essential as part of any business plan, but we also know that most companies don’t understand the differences between traditional and POS virus protection. Therefore, we make it easy to handle these situations because our product can thwart a POS virus, unlike many other commercial products on the market.

What We Do

Our product can help you by:

  • Creating policies to prevent unauthorized software from running
  • Detecting advanced malware and threats
  • Providing device control
  • Eliminating the need for other software
  • Lowering your overall costs
  • Helping you keep PCI DSS compliance
  • Extending the life of the system
  • Reducing your efforts

You need to have policies in place to prevent unauthorized software from being used. Our whitelisting capabilities allow you to do that. A whitelist just means that if it isn’t on the list, it can’t be opened or used, and it will be logged that an attempt was made and by who. This gives you more administrative control over employees.

However, the primary benefit of our product is that it detects advanced threats that other solutions can’t handle. Most Anti-virus use signature-based detection, which can’t lp with zero-day exploits and some other versions.

Device control is also important, because if employees insert thumb drives, iPods or CDs that have malicious code, you could get infected. You can prevent data leakage and the loading of malware, either unintentionally or intentionally.

Our product can also help extend the life of your system and keep costs lowered. Because you aren’t using multiple software solutions and can keep everything together in one bundle, you’ll save money. Contact us today for more information.