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How Restaurants and Retailers Can Beef Up POS Security

Most companies are aware that POS system security isn’t the best, but they also know there isn’t much they can do about it. Hackers everywhere have become excellent at sneaking into the point-of-sale system and stealing information, but at Comodo, we don’t believe they should be allowed to continue doing so. Our products can help secure the system in such a way that hackers don’t get a leg up.

How Compromises Work

The problem is that attacks on the Point-Of-Sale system are very easy to do and don’t require a lot of expertise. It can be as simple as an upset employee getting offered a little money to plug in a simple device. However, most hackers won’t go to such lengths because that involves a lot of risks. Instead, they wait until there are vulnerabilities that the vendors don’t know about or try their luck trying to get into the network, which is surprisingly easy. Therefore, POS security is a necessity.

What You Can Do

If you want to secure your POS system, there are eight things you can do, including:

  • Update the OS and keep it current and patched
  • Install plates with special screws over your USB ports so there isn’t such easy access
  • Lock your BIOS with a unique password
  • Do not change the boot sequence and make it impossible to do so by others
  • Use antivirus software that is properly installed and managed
  • Use IDS and actively monitor for any outbound connections
  • Use security cameras at terminals and in other areas
  • Use our product

As you can see, there are many things you can do to keep your POS system secure and safe. One of the best things you can do is to use our product, which can help with most of the other steps, as well. Contact us today to learn more.