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What POS Security Solutions Do You Need for Your Company

When searching out POS security solutions, you may wonder what is out there and what you need. There are so many products that claim to do so many things. It can be confusing and difficult to decide what’s necessary and who offers a complete package. At Comodo, we understand your needs better than many and have a unique way of handling your security needs. For example, once our product is installed, it goes to work searching for threats and vulnerabilities because it already thinks your computer or network is infected. That way, you get more of a defensive product that works harder and faster than others.

What You Need

When considering POS security solutions, you should make sure the product:

  • Reduces risks for configuration
  • Reduces Vulnerabilities risks
  • Reduces attack vectors
  • Ensures there are no zero-day threats

Whether your Point-of-Sale system is at a gas pump, informational kiosk or in a regular brick-and-mortar store, you need an increasingly sophisticated solution to deal with the advanced threats that are out there.

With our product, you will be able to reduce configuration risks and protect against malicious or unintended system-wide changes. It can be very annoying when changes are made that the administrator knows nothing about, and it can also be problematic. You can also enforce user accounts and other security settings necessary.

You can also ensure that your systems are shielded from vulnerabilities in applications and on the OS. If that weren’t enough, you’d be guarded against malware of all sorts, even those that are started by USB sticks or thumb drives. No rogue devices can be installed, either, which can keep your computers safer and more secure.

POS security solutions should also protect against zero-day exploits, which are those for which there are no patches or fixes to vulnerabilities. Contact us today to learn more.