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Reasons Why You Need POS Security Software

Most companies understand the necessity of POS security, but may not know what to do or how to do it. For one thing, you need to have a set of policies in place and may want to consider using the computer for POS-related things only. At Comodo, we believe that no matter how you want to run your business, you can do so easily and without having information stolen from you. We have devised a POS security software that:

  • Works
  • Improves security for Point of Sale systems
  • Stops advanced threats
  • Stops advanced malware, including zero-day exploits

How It Works

First of all, our product can continually monitor and record all the activities on the Point-of-Sale system, all store systems and any fixed function devices. We can cover all corporate endpoints, whether they are linked to the network or not. Therefore, if you use BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) programs, employees will continue to keep their personal information safe and secure, as well as any corporate data they use on their device.

You’ll be able to block advanced threats easily and won’t even have to do anything, unless you want to do it manually. IT departments can automate much of their job, making it easier for them and everyone else. Our product is meant to help with POS security by scanning your system frequently to find any problems. It works differently than others because it assumes that you are already infected with malware and viruses, so it takes a defensive approach instead of waiting until there is a problem to start working.

Instead of using an outdated technology system, consider our product, because it helps you create policies, detect advanced threats, have more device control and eliminate the need for other software options. Contact us today to learn more.