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How POS Protection Software Can Help and What You Should Know

POS protection can seem impossible, especially to company owners who are new and don’t know the difficulties that businesses face. Most owners think that if they use a firewall and install antivirus software, they’re good to go. The problem is that POS security is much more difficult, and the problems associated with a data breach are far-reaching. At Comodo, we do things differently and offer POS protection software that works differently than traditional antivirus solutions.

Safeguarding You and Avoiding the “Plague”

Retailers are an attractive and unique target for cybercriminals because there are millions of credit cards and identities out there. Cybercriminals can gain access to this information quite easily, causing so many problems, both monetary and legal.

Financial penalties can include paying restitution to the customers who were victimized, paying exorbitant legal fees and more. The problem is also that their reputation is shot, which can make them lose loyal customers and cause a lot of headaches. Many small companies can’t bounce back at all, and even large enterprises can take a big hit.

How We Help

POS protection is our game, and we can protect:

  • Against unknown, known and emerging threats
  • Customer data
  • Your reliability as a business
  • Your ability to stay compliant
  • Your money by lowering costs

Our integrated protection can include firewalls, antivirus, antimalware, antibot and endpoint protection solution. Our security gateways can be used in real-time to protect against malware that is unknown, as well as zero-day exploits and so many more.

Our product protects your POS machines from external threats and malware, but it can also provide better connectivity. This can help you protect all kinds of confidential data, including credit card information and more. To learn more, please contact us today.