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Zero Day Malware Protection Not as Easy as You Think

Malware, zero day variety is so much more difficult to protect against, but companies are still expected to do so. POS security is a necessity, and everyone knows this. However, at Comodo, we understand that most businesses don’t realize that malware, zero day versions are much more difficult to find and protect against than traditional viruses. You likely use network-based security solutions to give protection for your network, but it only works for those endpoints with full visibility and traditional viruses that are already known.

What is Malware, Zero Day?

Zero-day malware is an exploit created by hackers that aren’t known to the public or the vendor. If you have software with a flaw that isn’t known by anyone but the hacker, or the hacker finds out about it the moment the vendor finds out, it is called zero-day because there have been no days in between. That means the hacker has a lot of time to create an exploit and use it to steal information. This also means the vendor and the hacker are in a race together, because the vendor is creating a fix and the hacker wants to exploit the vulnerability.

Problems with Antivirus

Antivirus programs use signatures to tell when a virus is on a computer. It can scan the computer or network for those signature flaws or types, locate them, and remove them. However, malware, zero day varieties cannot work the same way because:

  • There is no signature yet
  • No one knows that there is a problem yet, or they just found out
  • The spyware can evolve to bypass traditional security controls
  • It can also travel through encrypted channels and stay concealed/remain idle

Zero day malware protection isn’t as easy as people think, but we can help. Contact us today for more information.