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Is There Such a Thing as Antivirus Zero Day Protection?

Testing for viruses with a signature base is quick and easy, and almost any program you have will be able to do the job. IT departments regularly test their antivirus programs to make sure they are working properly, which includes:

  • Gathering thousands of known malware as samples
  • Embedding them onto a computer that is in safe mode (so it cannot affect others in the network)
  • Run your scan
  • Note how many problems the program detected

At Comodo, we ensure that you don’t have to test our program unless it is part of your policies and workflow. However, the problem is that zero day protection is much harder because testing can be more difficult. Zero-day malware has no fix, and the vendors may not even know there is a problem yet. You cannot run tests for zero-day malware using real samples because, by the time you’ve found an example, they are already working on a signature and fix. Therefore, we provide our antivirus zero day protection by testing in a new and different way.

Our Test

POS security is important to us, so we work by freezing the product’s signature database so we can use samples that appear after it was frozen. It works by detecting the new heuristic techniques without you or anyone else doing anything.


Most antivirus solutions aren’t good at zero day protection because they provide false positives and negatives. A false positive is a real program that has no problem but still shows up with a virus or malware. A false negative is something that is infected, but not noticed by the program you choose. That is why you should consider our product since it has a low number of false positives/negatives and can be more beneficial than not having a system in place. Contact us today to learn more.