MITM Attack

MITM Attack: Introduction

Most of us are doing online transactions without any form of protection. If everything seems fine, then it does not mean you are safe from threats. Cybercriminals like to do a man-in-the-middle or MITM attack. This is similar in concept to wiretapping.

An attacker attempts to steal information by eavesdropping on two communicating parties. Any data passed along on both sides are prone to interception. This allows the attacker to get your sensitive information like credit card numbers.

You can prevent this scenario from happening to you. You will be aware of how a MITM attack works. You will also learn some man-in-the-middle attack prevention tips.

What Is MITM Attack?

A normal connection is between the client and the server. A MITM attack would place the attacker between the two. Every data sent by the client to the server gets intercepted. Every data from the server to the client gets intercepted as well.

A typical real-world scenario is when you are doing an e-commerce transaction. You start by searching for a product or service you want. Then you decide to buy it. You are then redirected to the check out page. You type in your credit card number or bank information.

This is where a MITM attack would occur. The attacker would intercept any sensitive information between you and the e-commerce site. The intercepted data is then decrypted by the attacker. They could use the stolen info to commit identity theft or sell it to others.

That is one of the many MITM attack methods a cybercriminal can do to you without you knowing it. The big question now is how do you prevent a man-in-the-middle attack from happening to you?

How You Can Protect Your Network Against MITM Attacks

You now know what a MITM attack can do to someone. Do not be the next victim and start safeguarding yourself from such a threat. Here are some man-in-the-middle attack prevention tips:

MITM Attack Prevention Tip #1

Refrain from conducting financial transactions over public networks. These are insecure networks. Examples of these are the free WiFi spots all around you. Using SecureBox adds a layer of security in this scenario. SecureBox uses application containerization technology. It’s like a virtual private network or VPN. SecureBox creates a secure tunnel between you and the server. This ensures that your communication is safe from a MITM attack.

MITM Attack Prevention Tip #2

Always make it a habit to close every application after using it. Leaving it open exposes it to a MITM attack as well. An attacker will get your application’s data while still open and loaded in memory. It is like leaving your front door open to thieves. SecureBox can help you by preventing memory scraping threats.

MITM Attack Prevention Tip #3

An attacker performing a MITM attack is always on the lookout for sensitive data. You can thwart this using SecureBox’s keylogger protection feature. SecureBox uses keystroke encryption technology. This means that every keystroke that you make undergoes encryption process. This makes it very hard for the attacker to decipher your sensitive data.

MITM Attack Prevention Tip #4

A MITM attack tries to eavesdrop or “sniff” your data in transit. SecureBox has an anti-sniffing feature that can help you in this situation. SecureBox takes immediate action when it sees any suspicious activity. This includes network sniffing attacks as well. SecureBox is an amazing product you need!

MITM Attack Prevention Tip #5

A man-in-the-middle attack involves the interception and decryption of data. SecureBox acts as a web application firewall or WAF. It watches over your network for suspicious activities 24/7. This feature also defeats other threats like zero-day attacks. There are so many benefits of using SecureBox.

MITM Attack Prevention Tip #6

A MITM attack can also alter the communication between two parties. SecureBox can spot this in a quick manner. SecureBox is an award-winning intrusion detection and prevention software as well. It gives you protection not only from MITM attacks but also from other attack vectors. This includes all forms of malware like the following:

  • Viruses
  • Trojans
  • Rootkits
  • Worms
  • Spyware
  • Adware
  • Ransomware

MITM Attack: Conclusion

You now know what a man-in-the-middle attack can do to someone. You also understood the different ways of protecting yourself from such a threat. Using a great product like SecureBox can help you thwart various cybersecurity threats. What are you waiting for? Get protected and sign up now for a free demo!

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