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Companies Should Take a Page from Minecraft Whitelist Servers

Minecraft whitelist servers only allow whitelisted or approved people onto the server to play the game. This option can do so many things, including:

  • Keeping out riff-raff
  • Keeping the number of players low
  • Only allowing respectable people into the game
  • Making the game more enjoyable and interesting

While companies probably don’t want a Minecraft whitelist for their business, they may want to consider the same concept for their organization. At Comodo, we understand that you don’t want employees playing the game while they’re supposed to be working. However, you need to make sure you are monitoring, configuring and troubleshooting each day to keep out the riff-raff (viruses, malware and spyware).

How the Game Compares

No one will ever confuse work with playing the popular pixelated game, but that doesn’t mean that the game doesn’t give you everything you need to successfully run the business.

In the game, you have monitoring in that you have to be aware of your situation and surroundings. You also have configuration, which is building things in the game and troubleshooting (staying alive to go to the next level). Everything must be done to co-exist in the same interface, and everything has to be done for you to improve in the game.

The same is true of companies because you must know your situation and surroundings, which is like the Minecraft whitelist. Whitelisting enables you to control what is accessed and what has access to your computer. If you don’t want people to visit competitor websites, don’t include them on the list.

You also have to configure things to ensure they work right. If not, employees take more time getting the program to work instead of working. You also have to troubleshoot frequently to find out where the problems lie and get them fixed as quickly as possible. Therefore, whitelist software could be helpful in business. Contact us to learn more.