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How You Can Get a Similar Minecraft Whitelist Command for Your Servers

Almost everyone has heard of the popular Minecraft game, which lets you create a virtual world using pixelated characters. To play the multiplayer game, you need to get into the server first, which is called a private server. To do that, you have to get onto their whitelist, so you’ll have to contact the people who created the list to ask them to be added to the game. If they agree, you can connect to that server using the IP address.

At Comodo, we understand that you probably won’t allow the Minecraft game to be played during business hours, but their efforts could be similar to what you need to do for your company. Your server should be whitelisted to prevent users from joining the server. It is considered an extra security feature, on top of the other options you employ, which is how we can help.

How to Whitelist the Server

If you were to be playing the Minecraft game, you could log into your Multicraft, start the server and add a user or multiple users. However, it can be tricky to figure out how to add new people or devices to your whitelist. Administrators must:

  • Have access to the server
  • Understand how to create whitelists
  • Add each user and device individually (which can be difficult if you had a round of new hires or recently started a BYOD program)

Other Options

We make things simple by allowing you to create whitelists where they are needed. This can be done for emails, domains, applications and servers. You will be able to control who can go where and who can link to the server, thereby keeping sensitive data safe. Contact us if you’d like to learn more about the Minecraft whitelist.