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Facts about Memory Scraping Malware

Memory Scraping

Memory-scraping viruses are those that attack the RAM inside your computer or any device, such as POS systems. It can sit around for extended periods of time, biding its time and waiting for a signal, so you don’t know it’s there and don’t recognize the trouble it can cause. At Comodo, we understand your worries and want to help you understand more about this problem and how to combat it.

The Facts

There are eight primary facts about memory scraping malware, including:

  • It is not new.
  • It can route around encryption.
  • It can bypass securities in place.
  • It intercepts credit card data.
  • It attacks the network first.
  • It is easy to hide.
  • The POS network has to be secured.
  • POS security has to be verified.

These eight facts all play a role in whether this malware can be allowed access to your POS system or anywhere else on the network. While you don’t hear about it very often, it isn’t a new phenomenon and has been around for at least five years, and likely longer.

Most people feel that encryption and antivirus software is enough to protect them, but the problem is, this malware can route around your encryption. It is designed to target specific pieces of information, including card numbers, security codes, expiration dates and names. When it is being sent to memory that is when the memory scraping malware attacks, and encryption doesn’t happen until it is sent to memory.

Therefore, you have to ensure that your POS network is completely secure, and you can do that with the help of our product. While our product will also scour the network for memory scraping malware, it will also protect the system to ensure that nothing unknown or malicious is downloaded. Contact us today to learn more.