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How Memory Scraping Tools Can Cause Many Problems

Most companies wonder why memory scraping is so bad, especially because you can buy these products online for your IT department to use. While they are considered legal and can do some good, especially to test for vulnerabilities in Windows operating systems and applications, they can also be used by cybercriminals to steal information. At Comodo, we understand your frustrations. It is annoying to think that all these products are available and that they can harm your systems, steal your private information and use it for personal gain.

Our Recommendation

Because memory scraping tools can be found everywhere, it is important to understand your abilities and how to prevent them from being used against you. If your IT department needs help with vulnerability testing and has requested a similar tool be used, you can safely use our product as an alternative. Our product can help you test for many vulnerabilities and can also keep your computers more secure than ever before.

We help you practice a “block everything” perspective, which can:

  • Keep out unwanted viruses and malware
  • Prevent memory scraping
  • Check for new patches and vulnerabilities
  • Reduce the time spent patching and securing the network
  • Help you use whitelists to your advantage
  • Keep tabs on employees and what they’re doing/accessing while on any device

Why Not Use a Specialized Tool?

Some people worry that sensitive data may be stored in the memory without their knowledge and will use the tool to find it and figure out how to remove it. The problem is that sensitive data can and will be stored in your memory, especially for POS systems and the like. Therefore, you need a product that will help keep it secure, even before it is encrypted for safety reasons. Contact us today to learn more.