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Memory Scraping Protection Available from Comodo

If you keep up with the trends and news, you’ve probably heard of the Target breach and may worry that your information could be stolen in much the same way. Whether you want to call it memory scraping malware, TrackR or BlackPOS, you must be able to protect against it and keep your information safe. At Comodo, we understand your needs and have come up with products to help.

How It Works

Usually, you have a card reader that reads and scans the credit/debit card and sends it to the POS terminal, which sends it to the POS server. Ultimately, it arrives at the bank for processing and is then sent back through to the server again where it stays encrypted.

The problem is that the card number can live unencrypted in your device’s memory for extended periods of time, which can be a few minutes or a few hours.

You see, most programming languages use a string of text and stay there until more information is passed through and overwrites it. To combat this problem, secure strings are used, which means there is only one copy of the value, instead of it being everywhere on the heap.

Protecting Data

Memory scraping protection isn’t as advanced as it should be and even secure strings, and end-to-end encryption isn’t enough to truly keep information safe. We think that these options:

  • Keep information secure at all times
  • Never decrypts the information at all
  • Prevents memory scraping and other attacks

The truth, however, is that information does have to be decrypted so it can be processed and it is during that time that scrapers can come into play and take information. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help.