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Memory Scraping Prevention More Difficult than You Think

Everyone copies images and text from websites and think nothing of it, but bots and scripts are also out there to lift content from your site as a form of data scraping. Companies spend a lot of effort and money creating content that will draw in customers, only to find that scrapers can come in and take it for free. At Comodo, we understand your frustrations. Whether you want to keep your content secure or store private information such as credit card numbers in your memory cache, you want to focus on memory scraping prevention techniques to ensure the safety of your items.

The Problem

Most companies don’t realize how difficult memory scraping is to detect. When your POS system encrypts credit card information (and it does), you think it is safe from prying eyes. However, malware is out there and it can:

  • Bide its time until the information is decrypted for processing
  • BLie in wait to capture data the moment it gets encrypted
  • BScour your websites finding content to steal
  • BScour your files and folders on any network or device to find information

As you can see, these malware risks are exceptionally strong and evasive. As such, traditional virus protection may not help, though they are becoming better at finding and removing these advanced threats. Antimalware programs are also available and can be a little better than virus protection, but still not anywhere near good enough to find memory scraping malware.

What You Can Do

As such, you may need something more, as our product. Our products work well with current programs but use a different approach. Most antivirus and antimalware focus on finding and destroying, but ours focuses primarily on keeping it out in the first place. Contact us today for more information.