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How to Up Your MDM Solution with an MCD Whitelist

Mobile computer devices (MCD) management is an excellent way to secure, manage and monitor employee devices. BYOD is a popular option for many companies, but it can cause a lot of problems if you don’t have a whitelist for:

  • Servers
  • LANs
  • Emails
  • Programs
  • Applications
  • Most people don’t realize that MDM software includes multiple services and products within the one product to help protect data and enforce security policies. At Comodo, we offer a mobile device management solution that encompasses many options, including safety from threats including keylogging, remote takeover, memory scrapping and other attacks.


    With our product, administrators can create policies to tell others which applications can be installed on the device. This can include an MCD whitelist so that only approved applications are allowed to be downloaded and used. It can also include identifying apps by name and ensuring that required apps are installed on all devices.

    Most administrators want full disclosure and will not allow applications to be installed that haven’t been approved. Our product will also show you which users tried to download unapproved apps and when. Because you have a whitelist in place, they shouldn’t be able to download it, but it will show the attempt being made.


    Sometimes application deployment isn’t related to MDM, but it can deploy approved or in-house apps through the correct distribution channels of the organization to streamline the deployment process for administrators. Our product can do this and will allow you to deploy required apps instantly to all devices with a few mouse clicks. You won’t be required to go to each device and install it, or wait until the employee does so. If you would like to learn more about whitelisting and how it affects applications and emails, Contact us today.