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Zero Day Malware Protection

Malware protection is a must-have for any company. Advanced threats continue to pop up, and they aren’t going to go away anytime soon. At Comodo, we understand your frustrations. Not only do you have to keep employees on target and keep up with all the latest trends within your industry, but you also have to thwart hacker attacks.

Most companies promote BYOD programs, so employees can:

  • Work remotely
  • Work from any device, even personal ones
  • Be on or off the network and still need all their documents/access

The problem with BYOD and working remotely is that those endpoints aren’t covered by full visibility and immediate prevention techniques, in most cases.

What Is Zero-Day?

A zero-day threat is one that hasn’t been recognized by the creator or anyone else. Hackers have noticed the flaw first and use it to attack unknowing victims. You see, software developers regularly create patches to fix certain problems found in their software. The only trouble is, they may not find and repair it fast enough, or computers may not receive the update in time.

That is why zero day malware protection is of the utmost importance. Keylogging itself is troublesome for everyone, but most antivirus and antimalware programs can find and stop it. Our product works tremendously well for all types of malware protection, but especially against zero-day options.

You see, most virus protection requires a list of known viruses or malware so that the computer can be scanned for them. Zero-day varieties aren’t known by anyone other than the bad guys, so it is up to us and our product to ensure that they don’t find a hold and crash the system or steal valuable information. If you would like to learn more, please contact us today.