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Should You Use Keystroke Recording Software to Check up on Employees?

Many companies have rules in place governing what employees can do while on and off the clock, especially when it comes to company-owned computers. You may not see a problem with them checking emails while at lunch or doing other things, but you don’t know what they’re doing. They could be:

  • Viewing pornography
  • Visiting websites that are questionable (such as hate groups and terrorist groups)
  • Writing nasty notes to coworkers
  • Violating sexual harassment or discrimination policies
  • Saying mean things about the company in chat rooms

Even if they aren’t doing anything as bold as the above, they could still inadvertently view a website or attachment that is infected with viruses and malware.

At Comodo, we understand the severity of the situation and know that you want help.

Different Keystrokes for Different Folks

There are many tracking programs out there to help you spy on others, and employers frequently employ them to check out what their workers are doing. Keystroke recording software can be used in various ways for good and bad. Keylogging doesn’t have to be just for the bad guys, but you should be careful about adding it to your arsenal.

Many states have laws against keystroke checking products, so you could be doing something illegal. If nothing else, you may have to tell employees that you will spy on them in such a way. If you do choose to use keyloggers to keep employees in check, antivirus and antimalware programs will try to remove them. You may also find that the product can be exploited by cyber criminals, as well.

Our product can help you without having to resort to these keystroke recorders. First, we will ensure that keyloggers aren’t found on your systems, and our product can also help you control what employees do. Contact us today to learn more.