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Learn What a Keystroke Recorder Is and How It Can Be Used

A keylogger can also be known as a keystroke recorder, and is a software tool that’s used to capture and record whatever is typed on the computer. In most cases, the user doesn’t know that this tool is being used. At Comodo, we understand your worries and want to help you understand what keylogging is and how it can be used.

What It Is

Keystroke recording abilities allow the person to see:

  • Emails that have been sent
  • Passwords that have been entered
  • Websites that have been visited
  • Private chat messages/conversations
  • File inputs

Anything that has been typed can be viewed later by a keylogger.

Who Uses Them

In most cases, these devices and software tools are employed by criminals to see what websites you visit and the passwords for those sites. That way, they can gain access to bank accounts and social security numbers. They can effectively empty your bank accounts or use your credit card/debit card number to buy a lot of stuff.

They can be found all over the Internet, and some are even free. Keystroke recorders are meant to work in stealth, so you can’t detect them, and many traditional spyware tools can’t find them, either. However, our product works differently and is specially made to track these malware tools.

Almost anyone can use and benefit from these keyloggers. For example, parents often employ them to find out what messages their children are writing. Spouses can check up on their significant other and employers can see what websites their employees are visiting, as well as which messages they’re sending.

Almost all of these products are legal to some extent, though if you are considering such a product for use by your administrators, you may want to contact your legal team first. Contact us today to learn more about our products.