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What Is Keystroke Logging?

It may be called many things, but keylogging can be a dangerous type of malware. Whether you call it keylogger, keystroke logger, or system monitor, they can be hardware or software that monitors keystrokes from a user. When they type something on the keyboard, it will capture what is typed so it can be reviewed later.

At Comodo, we know that keyloggers are usually software, but they can be hardware. In most cases, hardware devices are tiny and are meant to serve as the connector between the computer and keyboard. They can look like standard connectors, and you may not realize one is even being employed.

Sometimes, they are hidden in plain sight, because you aren’t likely to notice them anyway. Plus, most workstation keyboards are plugged in through the back of the computer, so you don’t see the plugs. If you are worried about this type of keystroke logging feature, you may want to consider checking the computers each morning or when new people use the device.

How does a keystroke logger work?

A keystroke recorder is used to:

  • Collect keystrokes
  • Save the text in a mini hard drive or
  • Send the text as a hidden file to the criminals computer

If devices are used, it will have to be removed at some point so that the information can be gathered and read.

Software keyloggers will do the same thing, but can send the text as a file. It can also be saved onto the computer’s hard drive in some cases until the hacker can retrieve it. The program can be downloaded as spyware, but it can also be downloaded on purpose by the person who wants to monitor activities on the computer. If you’d like to learn more about these tools and how to stop them, contact us today.

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