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Learn What Keystroke Encryption Is and Its Features

inside the computer and can record each keystroke that you type. At Comodo, we want you to take a moment and really think about how this malware can hurt you. What if you signed into your bank account online to check the balance or typed in your business credit card number to pay a bill? Everything you type is captured by the malware and then sent back to the originator.

The most traditional keyloggers will just capture everything that’s typed, but there are others, which can:

  • Capture your screen (like a screenshot)
  • Record internet telephone calls
  • Take control of your webcam

With the more advanced threat of keystroke logging, documents can be scanned and so can anything else. Therefore, you may want to consider keystroke encryption, which can encode or encrypt keystrokes so that unauthorized people cannot understand the information, even if they can get access to it.

What It Is

This type of software can prevent keylogging by encrypting your keystrokes. When you type something in, the information you are typing is scrambled so it doesn’t resemble anything useful to the attacker. It is an additional security layer against information piracy, so even if you have an anti-keylogger software, it can help keep information more secure in case there is still a breach.

What It Does

It should be easy to use and install. Our product is a perfect choice because it integrates with current software you’re using. However, if you aren’t already using antivirus or antimalware software, it can work with our version to create a strong safety net to keep all of your information safe. Contact us today to learn more.