Keylogger Software

Before smartphones became popular, we use to frequent internet cafes for many reasons. We would watch videos, surf the web, and play some games. It is also at places like this where a lot of gaming accounts get hacked. This is possible through the use of keylogger software.

Ordinary players used keystroke recorder applications to get their rival's gaming accounts. Cybercriminals started using this to steal credit card numbers and bank account details. Employers also use this to spy on their employees. Keylogger software has many uses and it depends on who uses it and for what purpose.

You'll know more about the concept of keystroke Logging as we continue our discussion. You'll also understand the different uses of keylogger software. You'll also learn how to protect yourself against keylogger software through SecureBox.

What Is Keylogger Software?

Keylogger software is a program that records every keystroke you make. Many also call it keylogging software or keylogger There's also a hardware version of this. This can look like anything to hide what it does.

Here are some other features of a keylogger software, as per Wikipedia:

  • Keylogger software can record or capture the contents of your computer's clipboard.
  • It can take screenshots of your computer.
  • It can record also your internet-based activities.
  • It can track every website that you visit.

As you can see, keylogger software has spying capabilities. It's the user who determines the outcome of its usage.

Why People Use Keylogger Software?

The primary purpose of using keylogger software was to observe someone's activities. An employer uses this to catch employees doing non-work related activities. A network administrator uses keylogger software to track malicious input from the users. Cybercriminals use it in stealing credit card numbers and bank account details.

People from law enforcement use this to track down criminals as well. A faithful husband can also use this to spy on his cheating wife. Parents would also use keylogger software to observe what their kids do online.

Stop worrying now and use SecureBox. You'll learn the amazing features of this great product in the next section.

How Do You Protect Yourself Against Keylogger Software?

We must protect ourselves from cybercriminals who use keylogger software. This malware gets into our computer system through the following:

  • Emails from unknown sources asking you to click on a link.
  • Downloading programs from unsafe websites like porn sites.
  • Installing unknown browser extensions.
  • Strangers giving you a free application.
  • Some advertisements or ads have spyware on it.

You can prevent being a victim by doing the following security countermeasures:

1. Keylogger software must first get into your system or network so it can be successful. Using a firewall or similar technology can counter this threat from happening. SecureBox acts as a web application firewall or WAF. It inspects web traffic for any suspicious activity 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

SecureBox will notify you about your system through various kinds of reports:

  • Malware threat detection reports
  • Network IP change reports
  • Application upgrade reports
  • Remote control detection reports
  • Application usage reports
  • License usage reports
  • Injection detection reports
  • Application uninstall/install reports
  • Email notifications based on reports

That's how busy SecureBox is in protecting you from different forms of threats!

2. Using a firewall isn't enough to counter a keylogger software from doing its purpose. There should also be a list of approved websites and applications. Employees can't visit sites which are not on this list. They can't also use applications which aren't on the list. This is what people in the computing world refer to as whitelisting.

SecureBox has so many amazing features and one of them is whitelisting. SecureBox takes care of this technical process for you. Access to websites which are not on the whitelist is not possible. This also applies to applications or programs. Whitelisting is also the opposite of blacklisting. A blacklist contains the names of websites and applications that are not permitted.

3. Keylogger software is also an example of a spyware program. This means that it has spying capabilities. A spyware program is a type of malware or malicious software. Using an antimalware program like SecureBox ensures your safety.

Here are the threats that SecureBox counters as an antimalware application:

  • Viruses
  • Trojans
  • Worms
  • Rootkits
  • Spyware
  • Adware
  • Ransomware

4. Keylogger software as you already know, captures or records every keystroke you make. Would you believe that SecureBox can encrypt your every keystroke as well? You're very lucky because SecureBox uses : keystroke encryption technology! This makes it very hard for the attacker to decipher your sensitive data.


You are now aware of the different uses of keylogger software. People from different walks of life use it. Cybercriminals will use it to get your sensitive data. But you now know how to protect yourself from such a threat. SecureBox is an award-winning product that guards you against keylogger software. To start using it, sign up here and get your free demo!

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