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What Is a Keylogger Scanner and How It Can Help

At Comodo, we understand that our clients want the utmost in security and safety. They are employing BYOD programs and keeping current so that they have a competitive edge, but they’re also worried about hackers and cyber thieves, who could be out there right now trying to steal your corporate information. The problem is that keylogging is a very real and dangerous situation because you aren’t likely to know that anything is amiss.

Reasons to Consider

Our keylogger scanner works differently from others on the market, because it will:

  • Allow you to find out if a keylogger is on your computer/device/network
  • Alert you that there is malware on the device
  • Remove it for you efficiently and quickly
  • Let you know when it is removed

The beauty of our product is that you won’t have to worry if the keylogger got any information from you because they won’t.

Why People Use Them

Keylogging software is legal, and many people all around the world use it in legal ways to monitor internet and computer usage for teens and adults. Even companies have been known to use a variation of keylogging software to find out what their employees are typing and where they’re visiting. Many employees have been caught sending corporate secrets to competitors and similar things.

However, there are other ways to ensure that employees are working and not doing things they shouldn’t. If you were to install a version of keylogging software, you could be more at risk for hackers to use your personal and corporate information.

Just because you don’t use this software, doesn’t mean that others may not try to use it against you. Because it’s legal, you need our product to ensure that nothing has been downloaded or installed on your network that could harm you. Contact us today to learn more.