Keylogger Detector Definition

Introduction To Keylogging

It is common to see a login page or screen in computer programs or in mobile applications. This is where you enter your username and password. A keylogger records this sensitive data and sends it to the attacker. Protecting yourself from this threat is achievable through a keylogger detector.

Someone getting a hold of your sensitive data can steal your identity. They can do malicious things and the blame is on you always. An attacker that gains access to your social media account can impersonate you. They can post and influence others and the consequences of their actions will affect you in a lot of ways.

Protecting our confidential and sensitive information is crucial. We must equip ourselves with the knowledge to counter various threats. We need a security solution for different kinds of threats.

You will know what a keylogger is. You will also know the best features to look for in a keylogger detector. You will learn how SecureBox helps you against various threats.

What Is A Keylogger?

A keylogger collects information on you based on the keystrokes you made. It is a type of spyware program under malware category. Spyware programs look for sensitive info like credit card and bank account details. Using a keylogger detector will prevent data breaches from happening.

A keylogger captures anything you type and includes the following:

  • Usernames and passwords
  • Credit card numbers
  • Bank account details
  • Private messages such as emails, memos, and the like.
  • Anywhere you can input or type something.

There are different types of malware and one of them is spyware. Spyware programs like keyloggers are hard to detect. They evade traditional antivirus software using stealth-based actions. A keylogger is also known as keylogging software or keystroke recorder. Finding the right keylogger detector is the best thing to do.

A keylogger can either be hardware-based or software-based. A hardware-based keylogger is a device that the attacker inserts on a target computer. A software-based keylogger can infect a computer in many ways:

  • An attacker can send a keylogger to their target victim as an email attachment. Once you click the link on the email, it will download itself into your computer and infects it.
  • You can also get an infection if you visit untrusted and harmful websites.
  • Since a keylogger is also spyware, it often disguises itself as a useful application. Pretty much the characteristic of a trojan program which is another type of malware.

Good keylogger detectors scan for keyloggers and also removes other types of malware. You will know what a keylogger detector does and its various features in the next section.

Keylogger Detector Features

The best way of infecting a computer with malware is to disguise it as a useful program. Add some stealth capabilities to it and you got yourself a strong keylogger. A keylogger then is both a trojan and a spyware program.

Your keylogger detector should be able to find trojans and spyware as well. Using traditional antivirus programs is not enough. It is advisable to use a strong anti-malware program like SecureBox.

SecureBox protects you from the following threats:

  • Viruses
  • Trojans
  • Worms
  • Rootkits
  • Spyware
  • Adware
  • Ransomware

Most keylogger detectors prevent theft of data using a virtual keyboard. This way you click on it instead of typing. Security through obscurity is not a good practice. Today’s keyloggers not only record keystrokes but also records your screen activity.

Using SecureBox removes all your worries about getting hacked. SecureBox uses an advanced technology called keystroke encryption. Every time you enter or type something, SecureBox will intercept and encrypt it first. This ensures that keyloggers won’t be able to intercept and steal your sensitive data.

A good keylogger detector should also detect memory scraping programs. As spyware, keyloggers would remain in the computer’s memory looking for data to steal. SecureBox is good at detecting memory scrapers as well.

Never underestimate the enemy. Cybercriminals also think ahead before attacking. How do you stop them? The first layer of defense against any threat is a firewall. SecureBox has a web application firewall feature.

SecureBox is always watching for any sign of intrusion, suspicious, and malicious activity. SecureBox never sleeps and protects your computer, system, and network 24/7. SecureBox even stops zero-day attacks!

Those are some of the best features to look for in a keylogger detector. SecureBox is a very reliable security program that defeats keyloggers and other threats.


You now know what a keylogger is. You also learned the best features to look for in a keylogger detector. You now understood why SecureBox fits the description of a good keylogger detector.

SecureBox is a great keylogger detector and a powerful anti-malware program as well. If it’s a threat, then SecureBox can handle it! SecureBox is an all-in-one award-winning security program. Don’t let yourself be the next victim. What are you waiting for? Sign up now and get a free demo!

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