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Learn How to Make a Keylogger Go Away

Keyloggers are employed by thieves and criminals to get between two links in a chain of events. When a key is pressed, they are waiting there to note the keystroke before allowing it to do what it was intended. The response time is so fast, you don’t know anything is amiss. It can be achieved by:

  • Computer wiring
  • The device itself
  • A hardware bug
  • Video surveillance
  • Substituting a keyboard driver
  • Malware

At Comodo, we realize there are so many ways that a keylogger can get into the system, so it is important that you understand how they work and what to do about them.

Two Types

If you want to learn how to make a keylogger, you may be surprised to find out that there are two kinds, a keylogging device and software. Tiny devices can be made and attached to the keyboard, computer or cables in some way. The software is everywhere online and can even be used for legal purposes, which is why they are sold and available for free.

The most common method used to create a keylogger is a system hook that intercepts any notification that a key is pressed. These codes are malware that can be downloaded anytime you visit a suspicious website or open an attachment in an email that is infected.

What to Do

To keep your computers and devices safe from these threats and others, you need to invest in an antivirus and antimalware product. Our product can help you because it does both, and so much more. You’ll be able to create whitelists, use app containerization, have an antivirus and antimalware system all in place to protect your endpoints, servers, customers and everything else. Contact us today to learn more.