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Antikey Logging Software Ensures You Don’t Fall Victim to Keyloggers

account and it wouldn’t go through, no matter what you tried? If you’ve ever had to reset your Facebook or other account logins, you may have been a victim of keylogging and not known it. At Comodo, we realize the dangers these keyloggers pose to you and understand that no one is safe, even if you have a firewall and other protection.

Antikey logging is the only option you have, and it doesn’t come with traditional virus protection.


There are two primary types of keyloggers:

  • Software
  • Hardware

The software keylogger is the most common and is considered a malicious program that “lives” inside your computer or device. It runs in the background, invisible to average users. Everything is done by the operating system, and it will record your keystrokes, place them in a file and send the file to the hacker at various intervals. Therefore, the computer in question has to have an Internet connection, which most do.

Hardware keyloggers are physical devices that are plugged into the computer. While our antikey logging software can prevent software keylogging, it can’t do much for hardware keyloggers. However, it can find out if it says devices are hooked up which aren’t, which could be a red flag.

Our antikey logging product can protect your computers and devices from software-based threats by scanning your system periodically for anything new or untoward. If there is anything, it will notify you immediately and work to remove it. If you’d like to learn more, or want to find out how to get a demo of our product, contact us today. We would love to help you.