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Learn about Key Logging and How to Protect Against It

Keylogging is when your keystrokes are tracked by using software or malware. It can pose a significant threat to your data and is considered a very sneaky way to find out information. At Comodo, we can help you protect your data from these and other attacks. People everywhere are used to paying attention to shady-looking people while out and about, but computer and online security isn’t as easy. Every time you use a computer, think about someone looking into a window at what you’re doing. Even if you think it’s impossible, they could be doing just that.

Common Uses

There are two primary reasons for key logging:

  • Monitoring purposes for children, employees, etc.
  • Devious purposes for stealing information

Keyloggers use hardware and software that is added to your computer. When you visit a fake website or open an email attachment with malware attached, it is automatically downloaded to your computer or device without your knowledge. Even if a pop-up shows and you click cancel, it could download the file.

Once the program starts running in the background, the thieves can ultimately see everything you do. In most cases, it will catch everything you type and will send it to the hacker periodically. Of course, you’ll probably use your computer to type harmless memos, emails and other things, but you will also use it to check financial accounts, such as bank accounts,, credit cards and more.

They can easily find your login information and use it however they want. They can even change the login information to lock you out of your systems.

Protection from Key Logging

The best news is that we can help you because our product will find these programs and stop them before they can take any information. To learn more, please contact us today.