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The Difficulties Associated with the ISP Whitelist

Your Internet service provider is the organization that gives you the Internet connection. Almost every business uses one if they have the Internet. Companies are expected to play by the rules and create emails that are relevant to their readers. You understand that you shouldn’t send out bulk emails and don’t do it, but you don’t get on the Internet service provider’s whitelist, so you wonder what happened. At Comodo, we understand your frustration and can help.

Explained in Detail

If you notice that multiple people haven’t received your message, it may be because the Internet service provider blocked your emails or put you on their blacklist. It is important to understand that your IP address is shared with other customers from the same email service provider (ESP). If you share that address with other businesses who aren’t as polite as you and send out frequent spammy messages, you will be blocked along with them.

What You Can Do

Most ESPs have a handful of IP addresses to go around, so they require customers to share. This means that anyone else on that IP address has to be on the ISP whitelist and if they aren’t, you aren’t either.

Your options can include:

  • Requesting a private IP address from the current ESP
  • Switching to a different ESP with standard private IPs
  • Get on major ISP whitelists
  • Gain legal access to corporate networks

With either option, you’ll have to whitelist the IP address itself to ensure that your messages get to the inboxes of the recipients. If you still find that your emails aren’t getting to your potential customers, you may need to work on getting whitelisted by corporate networks and Internet service providers. To learn more about our options, contact us today.