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Learn What IP Whitelisting Is and Its Benefits

Usually, whitelisting is a way of configuring spam filters to exempt particular messages from being rejected or filtered. However, in reference to IP whitelisting, it means configuring your corporate mail server, so it doesn’t filter and reject email campaigns you send out to prospects. At Comodo, we understand your need for whitelists to ensure that employees aren’t viewing the wrong things or downloading things that aren’t necessary.

IP Addresses

Your IP address says a lot about you. Other email service providers can find out if the company you use is reputable and can block IPs that are deemed spammy or inappropriate. The problem is that most ISPs only have a few addresses available for everyone to use, so you may be linked with other similar businesses. If those companies don’t have the same moral practices as you and invest their time blasting emails to others, it could cause the whole IP address to be blocked, including you and your emails.

If you don’t send email to recipients but use it only for inter-office dealings, you may also find trouble with whitelisting, but our product can help.

What We Do

Our product makes it easy to whitelist everything, including:

  • Email addresses
  • Email Websites (Yahoo, Gmail, etc.)
  • Other Necessary Websites
  • Applications
  • Software

You can also create whitelists for whole IP addresses, making it easy to get mail from recipients. In most cases, you contact the ISP and fill out an application, and they will add you to their whitelists. A whitelist also works by you creating lists of IP addresses and other things you want to run. This way, only those selected options will work and everything else will get an error. Contact us today to learn more.