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Why Companies Need Internet Whitelist Software

Everyone has likely heard of whitelisting, which is the opposite of blacklisting. With blacklisting, you list the websites, applications, domains, emails and others that you don’t want to be allowed on the server/network. Whitelisting is the opposite, where you list all the things you do want to be recognized. No other precautions are taken, such as asking if you wish to run the program, so it makes the computer run smoothly to reduce problems with productivity.

At Comodo, we understand the need to increase productivity while staying safe and also know that most companies need to use the Internet for everyday business activities. Therefore, our whitelist software will be able to help ensure that your corporate data stays secure, and employees can do their jobs.

Filters vs. Whitelists

It is important to understand that filters aren’t the same as whitelists. A filter can be provided by your ISP or as a download and works by filtering out inappropriate information on particular websites and emails. This means that you don’t see the inappropriate text or image, but that doesn’t keep it off the computer altogether.

Whitelists, on the other hand, are approved things that users can access without having to get permission first. You can include almost anything on the list, including:

  • Email addresses
  • Domain names
  • Websites
  • Applications
  • Programs
  • Email programs (Gmail, etc.)
  • Social media sites (Twitter, Facebook, etc.)
  • Antivirus programs
  • Servers

What Internet Whitelist Products Do

Internet whitelist products can help you by allowing only approved websites. If it isn’t on the list, you can’t go there. You can do this by adding particular sites or using a category filter. While it is different than blacklisting (where everything is blocked), it still works similarly. To learn more about an Internet whitelist, please Contact us today.