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A Government Security Breach Could be Horrendous

Breaches occur every day for businesses and individuals. It means that someone outside the organization bypassed safety procedures, practices, and policies to take information that wasn’t theirs. If you work for the government, a security breach could be even worse because not only could they find information about any member of the department, they can obtain sensitive information about new technologies and plans of attack.

At Comodo, we understand the severity and want you to be aware that these problems can occur. You need government cyber security solutions to help so that you don’t have to deal with breaches that can include stolen:

  • Social Security numbers
  • Names and addresses of department staff
  • Credit card information and other financial documents
  • Information about new technologies you are developing
  • Information about your plans for anything

Laws and Options

Most states have laws in place for breaches and so should the federal and state government. Now, if there is any security breach, individuals have to be notified. The same is probably true for governments, but you should go beyond that. Our product can help ensure that there is no government security breach and that all your private information remains that way.

Just think how horrible it would be if the President’s travel plans were intercepted by criminals. They could find out exactly when he was to be traveling and where, so they could make plans to stop it. With all the threats out there right now, you do not want personal information about anyone leaked. Terrorists are just hoping for a list of addresses and names of people who are high up in the various governmental departments so they can kill them and start an even bigger war. Contact us today to find out how we can help prevent data breaches.