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Government Cyber Security Requires Three Missions for Cyberspace

The government uses computers and the Internet just as much, or more so, than traditional businesses and individuals. They are also tasked with creating rules and regulations to ensure the safety of everyone around them. Remember, enterprises and individuals will likely use their government websites and other things associated with them, so everything has to be secure.

At Comodo, we can help all governments deal with cyber security by helping them with their three primary missions, which include:

  • Defend their information, systems, networks
  • Defend the US against cyber-attacks
  • Support military operations through integrated cyber capabilities

More about the Three Missions

Government cyber security isn’t just about the government’s information and networks. They must first ensure that those areas are safe and secure, but it doesn’t stop there. You will be required to protect everything from every standpoint, which can seem insurmountable. However, our product can help you ensure safety and security while using the Internet and computer applications/programs.

The government must also defend the United States against cyber-attacks. These attacks are assessed based on the case and facts and can include significant consequences, such as property damage, loss of life, adverse economic impact and more. You have to be able to handle these threats quickly and swiftly to ensure the safety of the US and everyone who lives there. While we know you can’t prevent every attack against every person, you have to work hard to ensure that severe breaches are kept at bay.

The military usually handles their own cyber security, but in some cases, they may need help. If the President or some other appropriate party decides that cyber operations could disrupt adversaries, they may use it to their advantage. If you would like to learn more about how our product can help government agencies, contact us today.