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How to Configure a Gmail Spam Whitelist

One of the most annoying things businesses have to deal with is that their emails wind up in the spam folder. While this folder can be helpful to weed out unwanted or restricted websites/senders, it’s not a perfect system. Many times, administrators and managers will send emails to other professionals about important events or updates, but recipients don’t get them. If you use Gmail as your primary work email, you need to spam whitelist messages from appropriate companies and people to ensure everyone gets the message.

At Comodo, we can help because our product allows you to create whitelists easily.

What to Do

Following these steps can help you create a spam whitelist so that important messages aren’t sent to the spam folder:

  • Log into your account
  • Click on Settings and go to Mail Settings
  • Choose the Filters tab
  • Create a new filter (near the bottom of the page)
  • Add names of people, companies or email addresses that you want to be sent to your inbox.

Whitelists can include email addresses, domain names, nicknames you have created and a particular person’s name. For example, if you added Bob Johnson, any emails with that name will be directly sent to the inbox, regardless of email address. This may not be the best choice for companies because hackers can use different names and then those emails are thought to be safe.

Administrators will need to create rule sets and policies for this purpose, which is why some admins don’t want individuals setting up their Gmail spam whitelist.

What We Do

We make it easy for administrators to control who can add whitelists and what emails are approved. You can effectively restrict non-work related emails from devices and company-owned computers, making it more secure. Contact us today to learn more.