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Monitor Activities on Corporate Computers with Enterprise Security Software

Most corporations understand the necessity of security because they know without it, they are prone to malicious attacks, such as spear phishing and others. At Comodo, we know your worries and have created a product that can help. We want to help you control what others do while using corporate devices, or using their personal devices for work. Features of our enterprise security software can include:

  • Actions and monitoring
  • Action blocking
  • Statistics

Reasons to Consider Us

If enterprise security is important to you, then you’ll be able to benefit from our product. With our actions and monitoring control feature, you’ll be able to detect, prevent, monitor, respond to, and review all the measures in place to reduce risks to data loss. IT professionals who use our product will be able to efficiently monitor resources for data breaches and can also prevent a breach from occurring.

You will get Skype tracking, processes monitoring, keyboard capturing, social network monitoring and website monitoring, as well as encoded network traffic monitoring and more.

If that weren’t enough, you’d also be able to block actions and sites, but you’ll also be able to whitelist them, as well. With whitelisting, you can include only approved applications, programs, websites, devices, etc. so that employees cannot access something you wish to keep out. This can include blocking thumb drives and blocking competitor websites or social media.

Statistics are usually an important part of enterprise security because they show you exactly what’s going on, where, and when. You can gather stats on which apps were used, which websites are visited and the time that was used on each website/app.

With our product, you will get real-time monitoring of employees to ensure they are staying productive. Contact us today to learn more.