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Principles to Consider for Your Enterprise Security Systems

If you have decided to design a new system for security, you may be wondering what to include and why. At Comodo, we understand that you take security seriously and offer enterprise security software to help ensure that your documents and sensitive information stay safe. To do so, you will want to:

  • Ensure the weakest link is secure
  • Have comprehensive protection
  • Have a fail-safe option
  • Don’t grant too much
  • Separate the privileges
  • Don’t trust

The above can seem a little redundant and severe, but without these steps in place, you risk getting hacked or being a victim of malicious attackers.

What These Principles Mean for Enterprise Security

The problem most companies face is that hackers won’t start at the top. Instead, they go for the weakest link, which could be a system that hasn’t been updated or an employee who surfs the web instead of working. It is up to you to find that weak link and secure it so that everything is safe. Our product can help, because it allows you to see what is going on, when, and why. You can find out which employees are using social media sites and which ones are trying to access applications that aren’t part of their job. In some cases, it may be an accident that won’t happen again, but it is important to know about it.

You also have to focus on in-depth protection. Enterprise security software are meant to work together with things you already use, such as firewalls and antivirus software. Layering and redundancy are good things when it comes to security. Our product can work with other options, but can also be used as a single way to arm yourself because it offers so many defense options. Contact us today to learn more.