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Small Businesses Need Enterprise Data Security

Most small businesses focus primarily on customers, but they may not realize that they can get hacked just like the corporate big-wigs. While the goals of hackers may not be the same, they can still get sensitive information and use it against the company or steal information from customers. At Comodo, we don’t care if you run a mom-n-pop shop or if you are the biggest conglomerate on the market. You deserve enterprise security software that will keep your network safe and keep customer safety at your core.

How You Could Get Targeted

Data security may be a little different for smaller companies because they’re not huge household names, like Google or Microsoft. Most small-business owners think that nothing untoward will happen to them because they don’t have such valuable secrets on their servers. The problem is that most attacks aren’t really targeted. Instead, the attacker casts a virtual net by sending hundreds or thousands of messages to a group of people. Those who respond are the ones that get hacked.

Differences between Spear Phishers and Spammers

Spear phishers are more interested in quality. Just because you’re a small company, doesn’t mean you don’t save credit card information for your customers or use financial websites with sensitive information. They can still get a lot of helpful info that could be used to steal your money or that of your customers. Once they get in, they can:

  • See who you email and try to infect them
  • Try to infect customers, business partners, etc.
  • See the websites you visit (think banking and financial)
  • Place a virus on your computer to slow you down

The options are endless, so you should focus on enterprise data security to keep you safe. If you’d like to learn more about data security options, contact us today.