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What is Corporate Security

What is Corporate Security?

Corporate Security is the term that refers to the management of security that pertains to every aspect of a business, including protecting the employees, the physical property and the information systems. This task is carried out, with utmost care and efficiency, by corporate security managers.

Corporate Security Tips for Executives and Staff

Whether you are an executive or a regular employee, enterprise corporate security falls to you and you alone. While the company is likely to have antivirus programs and other options in place to ensure safety and security, it all begins and ends with you.

At Comodo, we believe in safety for everyone involved with the business, but most people don’t think about their computer’s safety or that of their devices. Millions of people use laptops, desktops, tablets and smartphones each day without ever stopping to think about what would happen if someone stole their information until it happens.

Spear Phishing

Spear phishing is a new type of attack that uses the same email scam as regular phishing. The difference is that it is meant to attack particular people in particular companies. This means that executives are likely to fall prey because they are more likely to have secret corporate information.

While malicious attackers will still use other means to try and get information, they are turning more toward execs because they don’t usually have the same enterprise corporate security measures in place as the rest of the employees.


The best way to beat these attackers is to restrict or limit users. If you run Windows, it has a default option, so everyone on the system is run as an Administrator. This allows them to:

  • Change anything including programs, downloads, etc.
  • Change anytime, which means they don’t usually require permission to do something first
  • Change anywhere, which means they can change things while on their personal device

Because of these potential corporate security breaches, you need enterprise security software, such as ours. We can help you restrict user access to company computers and devices so that no one is allowed to change anything unless you approve it first. Contact us today to learn more.