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The Difference between Personal and Business Security Software

Everyone understands the necessity of enterprise business security, but many companies go about it the wrong way. At Comodo, we understand that it can be difficult to know which options are right for you because there are so many products available. However, choosing the wrong one could leave you open to attack, and it’s best to choose options that are meant expressly for companies. There are many differences, which can include:

  • Pricing
  • Strategies
  • Features
  • Licensing
  • Availability
  • Support

The Primary Difference

Home computers have personal information, which can include credit card info, bank accounts and more. While this is important and needs to be protected, companies have to protect so much more. They will need to protect customer information, as well as corporate secrets and technology. They’ll need to keep the host system secure and protect client computers. If they use a BYOD program, personal employee devices will need to be secured and protected while doing work, as well.

Therefore, enterprise security software, such as ours, is a better option than traditional commercial antivirus/antimalware protection.

Other Differences

IT administrators and those in the IT department must be able to administer and manage computers in the network, both locally and remotely. Business security products are what they need so they can install it on the primary workstation or server to protect multiple PCs or devices at once.

Remote access is a beautiful and wonderful thing because it allows IT personnel to fix problems without needing the device/computer in front of them. Remote access can’t be done with home-based security solutions and requires enterprise business security solutions to ensure that all devices and computers in your network are managed using a single console. Contact us today to learn more.