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Choosing the Right Digital Signature Control Software is Easier than You Think

If you have decided that you need digital signature control for your company, you aren’t alone. Many people are starting to recognize the benefits of such options, but may not know where to go or how to find them. At Comodo, we believe in giving everyone the ability to get what they need and as such, provide our product to help.

How to Choose

When deciding on digital signature control software, you’ll want to ensure that:

  • The organization remains in control
  • Users can sign what they need to sign
  • It works with existing content management
  • Users can customize their signature and location
  • It allows the organization to save or route documents outside the domain
  • It complies with all regulations
  • Individuals can validate signatures without accessing the system
  • Users can sign using mobile devices and online

Signature control systems have to have everything you need in place so that you can get things signed as you’re required. You likely have particular regulations that have to be fulfilled. Otherwise, the document may not be legally-binding.

You also have to have digital signature control at all times. Your organization is responsible for those signatures, and if they fall into the wrong hands or are not updated correctly, you could get into legal trouble. You must find options that are adaptable to your current technologies, user management, processes, and authentication needs because you’ll need that flexibility to manage it to fit your needs.

It’s also important that the solution works with all the file types and applications necessary. These can include AutoCAD, PDF, Word, Outlook, Excel and others. If you would like to learn more about our product, please contact us today.