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Consider a Digital Signature Control Install to Manage Signatures

If you are like most companies, you want to make the signing process simpler for you and your customers/employees. The problem with electronic signatures is that they can lead to court proceedings if you aren’t careful. At Comodo, we understand your frustrations and have come up with signature control systems to help you. Once you have installed our product, you won’t have to be worried about the business process, which includes:

  • Identity of signer
  • Authentication
  • Legal intent to sign
  • Integrity of document

More about the Business Process

A digital signature control install of our product will ensure that you get the benefits of using our product immediately. However, any product that you choose, whether ours or someone else’s, should allow you to do the above options without complication.

For example, you have to identify the signer of the document to have proof that they are who they claim they are. Do you require a photo ID or something similar? Whether it is a wet-ink or digital signatures, you need digital signature control to ensure that the identity of the signer is proven in the case of legal battle.

You’ll also want to authenticate the signer, and more people prefer to use a password and name. However, the problem is that if someone else has access to the password, it could make the signature null and void. To get around that, consider a one-time password for signing.

Digital signature control should also include a guarantee of the integrity of the signed document. If you can’t prove that the document hasn’t been changed since it was signed, you could void the document and agreement. However, products like ours have a standard guarantee of integrity. Contact us today to learn more.