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Reasons You Need Cloud Vulnerability Scanning

If you are like most companies, you worry about the online presence of your business, but also about the security of it, as well. You can’t ignore the risks because they are too great and rampant. All manner of companies can be vulnerable without even knowing it, which is why we, at Comodo, have come up with a cloud based scanning product to help with your issues.

What Cloud Vulnerability Scanning Offers

If you are like most people, you want to know what a product does before you buy it or consider it. We understand your need and can tell you that our product:

  • Scans for vulnerabilities before they can be exploited
  • Help you prevent loss of data
  • Help prevent business disruptions
  • Requires no software installs or set-up of any kind
  • Requires no training or hardware purchases
  • Detects vulnerabilities regularly
  • Establishes security paths

Importance of Cloud Based Vulnerability Scanning

You have to keep hackers at bay to ensure that they don’t steal valuable information. However, our product also offers a multi-layer of security that can increase customer confidence, increase visibility and more. When your website shows that you use our cloud vulnerability scanning system, visitors will instantly realize that you take security seriously and have their interests at heart.

Our cloud vulnerability scanning product will also increase visibility, so you can tell what is working and what may cause a problem. You can then generate reports to see what is wrong and use our product to fix it.

Our product can be set up to check for vulnerabilities daily, but you can also check for them anytime you need to do so. Our scanning product can also grow with your company, so contact us today to learn more.