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Choosing the Best Cloud Based Vulnerability Scanner

If you own a shop and have internet access, you must be able to scan the systems and network regularly for any vulnerabilities. The problem is that most tools weren’t up to the job and made it more difficult that it needed to be. At Comodo, we understand your frustrations and have a cloud based scanning tool that makes it easier and faster to scan for problems in the cloud and on the network.

What Is a Vulnerability Scanner for the Cloud?

Scanners are used to scan the system or network, such as the Cloud, computer, router or server and reports back on all:

  • Open ports
  • Active IP addresses
  • Active log-on to the system
  • Active software
  • Active services that are currently running
  • Active operating systems

The scanning software compares information that it finds on the system against currently known vulnerabilities in the database or a third-party database.

How It Works

Our cloud vulnerability scanner prioritizes the known vulnerabilities as minor, major or critical. You will be able to detect malicious problems, such as Trojans, that are listening to the ports of your system, as well as finding all manner of malicious attacks before they are allowed to do any damage.

Not all cloud vulnerability scanner tools are equal. Some of them will only scan your system or network and provide reporting features. Our product, on the other hand, offers feature-rich options, such as penetration testing and patch management, as well as scanning for vulnerabilities. Plus, we have created a product that won’t give false negatives or false positives, so you don’t have to chase down information about problems that aren’t there or risk having something not scanned properly. If you would like to learn more about our cloud vulnerability scanner, please contact us today.