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How Cloud Based Virus Protection Works, plus Benefits and Features

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past few decades, you know that antivirus software is a must when you get a new laptop or computer. Viruses are just software programs that install themselves onto your computer to change information or steal information. In most cases, it requires the internet, though some rare versions target offline devices.

At Comodo, we understand your need to be safe and secure and offer our Cloud virus protection as part of our cloud based scanning product. This is a newer technology that processes almost everything on a different server or network rather than through your hard drive.

What It Is

In a nutshell, cloud-based protection from viruses is where web and client service components work together. In this case, the client is a program that runs on the local computer to scan your system for malware. Traditional antivirus software is notorious for hogging all the resources to get the job done, but cloud virus protection only requires a small amount of power. The web service handles most of the processing, so your computer doesn’t overload and slows down productivity.


The advantages of using Cloud virus protection include:

  • Access to latest malware faster
  • Requires less power
  • Inexpensive

Malware is problematic in that new options are popping up every few minutes. Therefore, you need a program that will find out about the new risks quicker and check your systems for those problems. That way, you are always protected.


Our Cloud virus protection product can scan the entire computer or just certain folders, adjust timing to automatically scan when you want it done, and allows you to view reports to see what, if anything, was detected. If you’d like to learn more, please contact us today.