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Factors to Consider When Considering Cloud Based Point of Sale Systems

If you have been thinking about cloud point of sale systems, you’ve probably been doing a lot of research and trying to find the right option for the right price. You’ve heard that they are excellent alternatives to traditional POSs but may still have some worries. At Comodo, we realize that some companies can’t switch over, either because of monetary issues or because they don’t understand this technology and don’t want to learn a new system. Our cloud based scanning product can also help with POS systems in the Cloud.

Factors to Consider

If you were to consider cloud based POS systems, you will:

  • Have a mobile company
  • Have lower costs
  • Get automatic upgrades
  • Integrate your company
  • Fewer risks

One of the best reasons to consider cloud POS systems is that you will have a mobile business. While you don’t want an entirely web-based business, you are likely losing many customers if you don’t have the ability to pay multiple ways. You will get the best of the web and traditional retail options, so those who want to shop online can do so and those who wish to go in-store can, as well.

Our product can also help you lower operating costs. A cloud-based system can cost less than a hardwired version. Traditional options require software licensing, annual maintenance fees, technical support and training for the system. However, cloud-based versions rarely have up-front fees and have a low monthly cost. You’ll never pay more than what you use, either, making it a win-win situation.

Cloud point of sale systems also come with fewer risks of data loss, because it is stored in the Cloud, and comes with automatic backups to make it redundant. Our product also offers virus and malware protection, as well, so contact us today to learn more.